Sonus Faber Venere – The Top-End Speaker Offering Pleasing Degree of Agility

Sonus Faber is an Italian high end speaker specialist. It is considered hi-fi aristocracy. It was established in the year 1983 and the company delivers an impressive range of talented products that are a hi-fi legend. These are also the top-end models of the company.


  • Sonus faber venere feature no-compromise designs recognized as models in the top-end.
  • These feature the best appearance and luxury build identical as their sound quality.
  • SonusFaber makes affordable offerings that are premium and can be the best for your new car.


Sonus Faber offers undeniably a big build touching more than 1.2 m high, that they appear stylish and imposing.  They come in two finishes gloss black and gloss white as regular and if you are ready to pay £200 as premium on the existing price, you can also get the walnut option. The build quality is the best that serious contenders will see the price to be perfect. It is elegantly engineered that the finish presents the neatness. There is metal plinth attached to the base of the speaker featuring proper bolts than wood screws, making it more special.


The Sonus Faber Venere is less fussy than its rival’s designs. The speakers positioning is straightforward and it is best to keep them away from the angle and walls towards the position of listening. There is enough scope to play with spike height, distance changes between the floor and the port, while the results are based on the floor type and covering. The veneres refer to the big speakers that offer an impressive bass quality that even in smaller rooms they do better down the range. The equipment presents talented partnering, while the towers are the same.


The Sonus Venere is an immense performer that there is no point to dislike. It has a full-body, forgiving presentation working with a range or recordings. Streaming the services are not the last word, even the music choice and the ease of use makes it highly preferred. The Venere S offers a stable and solid picture firmly anchored and is passionate about the vocals in low-key and are rendered with fluidity.  There is enough punch and the music from the speakers sound all natural. There is a need to sense the speakers and to switch to music that offers the required authority and scale of performance. With Venere, there are huge dynamic swings presenting impressive refinement ensuring a sweet music.