Poetry contests listing platform that saves my time

Finding the safest and the best poetry contests used to be such a great nightmare for me. I used to spend a lot of time trying to find such contests. I used to visit numerous websites and contest sources but I was not happy with what I have been finding online. Some of them are not even genuine contests, no one responds when I send my work to such contests. I was not sure whether anyone reads them at all and whether any winners are announced because there was no way of finding out whether or not a contest is genuine when I read the contest info.

Finally I managed to come across this website which featured most impressive contests. As a matter of fact, once I managed to find this source, finding the best poetry contests also got simplified. I am no more scouring the web searching for the best contests. All that time I used to waste searching for the contests is now used in writing poetry for my submissions. This is such a great resource and I wish I had found this platform earlier. Nevertheless, now that I have managed to find this website, I am making the best use of it.

Few things that I like about this website which needs a mention here. All the contests listed here are free poetry contests. There is no need to waste any money signing up for the contests or for the submission fee. Moreover, this website that lists these contests is also a free source. One need not have to pay any membership fee or any form of subscription fee.

In other websites of similar nature the contests featured used to be outdated contests. With this website there are no such challenges. All the contests listings are regularly updated. I am able to see that all the outdated listings are removed. I have never come across even a single contest listing that is outdated. They handle things in a very professional way in this website.  The contests listed here are safe as they are pre-screened by the experts in this field. I can confidently participate in the contest without any concerns regarding my online safety. As there is no money involved, I do not have to expose my credit card details. Further to that no personal information is sourced in this platform. All these make this website a very safe and the most useful platform for budding poets like me.

I am also able to see that this platform features contests from all categories and genres. There are contest for beginners as well as for seasoned writers. Everyone will benefit equally from this website. It is clean, safe and very useful platform as far as online poetry contest listings are concerned. I will continue to use this platform as I do not find any better source to find the latest contests. The contests featured here come with excellent cash prizes too.