Playing Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix on the electric guitar

Many of Hendrix’s songs are great for performing on both electric and acoustic guitars. This is not surprising since he was a genius guitar player. Thereby, many people who learn, sooner or later start playing his songs.

One of the greatest Jimi Hendrix songs

Purple Haze was one of the most famous works of the legendary Jimi Hendrix, in which his talent of a virtuoso guitarist and innovator was clearly manifested. Because of the ambiguous text, this psychedelic composition is considered to be “drug addict”, although both the author of the track and its producer claimed that it did not have the slightest relation to illegal drugs. At the end of 1966, Jimi Hendrix came to the UK with his manager, who helped him to produce the first single, “Hey Joe.” Later it became one of the top songs of the British charts. The composition “Purple Haze” became the second single. According to the popular version, Hendrix composed the text during one night and put it to music. However, Jimi himself said that he used a shortened version of the previously written poem “Purple Haze – Jesus Saves.” The song is great for covers and can be found in the fingerstyle sheet music online.

The meaning of the text Purple Haze

Most music lovers believe that Jimi described his personal feelings from the use of LSD in this song. Admittedly, the text may push on such thoughts. Naturally, Hendrix himself refuted this version. He claimed that the key phrase of the song “Purple Haze” is a line about the girl who bewitched him.