How to find Top hit MP3 Indian Songs

Music has been recognized as an art in the Subcontinent for years now. Indian culture is very rich in Music. Even in the Mughal era, the rulers had appointed people who had the art of playing different musical instruments. They used to enjoy music in their courts. The Mughal emperor Babar was very much fond of music. Babar’s son Akbar had appointed Tansen in his court for playing music. Tansen was a famous musician of Mughal’s time. This is to tell the importance of the music in the Subcontinent.

Now when it is clear that music was of great importance in India in the past. Let’s talk about today. It holds the same importance today as it did three thousand years ago. Indian life seems incomplete without music. Music is indeed bringing life to the dead. Today, Bollywood is not Bollywood without music. No movie is complete without three, four, or five songs. Indian singers have been making their country proud for a long time now. They have introduced their music in the whole world. Every time a new Indian song is released, it attracts views as the sweets attracts flies.

Now the question is how to find top hit telugu mp3 songs download. YouTube contains all music, almost every type of music. Being a music freak, you can subscribe to all the Indian music channels on YouTube, and enjoy your favorite type of music anytime. Or you can also press the bell icon present next to the subscribe button. The bell icon notifies you each time a new song is posted. That way, you don’t have to wait for listening to new hit music. And, the other thing is that you are notified i.e. you don’t have to put any effort into searching for new music.

Musiclab, is yet another set containing all types of Indian music. It also lets you download mp3 naa songs for free. Mp3 Juices is another website that is very rich in music. It has almost every Indian song, new or old, hit or flop. What you have to do is to open the website, search for the song using a keyword like song’s name. It will show many songs having that specific keyword. All you need to do next is to play the song online so that you find the exact song you were looking for. The last and the only thing left is to download the song and enjoy it for the rest of your life.

There are many other apps that lets you find new hit Indian music. You can switch on to music apps like Saavn, Hungama, or the Gaana app and enjoy new music. There are other sites that lets you find the desired song and allows you to download mp3 music for free. Websites like,, Xtunes, Tinytunes,, wink music, etc. helps you find the song you are looking for. It allows you to download your favorite music legally and for free. All these sites are ad-free.